Ultra-Low Chlorate Potassium and Sodium Hydroxide

Commitment to R&D and willingness to meet with industry demands, have driven Carbon Group to lead the market in the development of Ultra-Low Chlorate Potassium and Sodium Hydroxide.

For over 3 years, Carbon Group have undergone extensive R&D to produce speciality grade products which are capable of meeting the requirements of the infant formulation industry.

Chlorate residue in milk products is an emerging food safety concern for the international dairy industry, with potential health implications to vulnerable groups such as

  • Those with mild to moderate iodine deficiency
  • Individuals with low iodine intake and infants

As this is of particular concern to the infant formulation industry, the degree of scrutiny for the presence of chlorate residues has intensified dramatically in recent years .

Each batch of our Ultra-Low Chlorate Potassium and Sodium Hydroxide range is analysed by an independent lab, providing guaranteed product consistency to the Infant Formulation Industry.

We consistently achieve zero traces of chlorate & perchlorate for Sodium Hydroxide, and <0.01mg/kg for Potassium Hydroxide

Carbon Group supply a range of concentrations from 1-49%, with pack sizes including 1000L IBCs and bulk ISO-Tankers.

Bespoke concentrations, blends, and pack sizes available on request.

Carbon Group are currently supplying a number of International Infant Formulation manufacturers, along with several other milk powder processing plants in Ireland and Europe.