Aval ThermoKlense 5% Peracetic Acid

Pack Size

10L 20L 205L


• Descaler & Sanitiser
• Reduces thermoduric bacteria while preventing T.C.M issues.
• Eliminates requirement for Sodium Hypochlorite in the final rinse.
• Ideal for milk machines, bulk tanks, cluster dipping.
• Eliminates erratic high TBC & TMC.
• When used at recommended levels, ThermoKlense does not need to be rinsed off
• Aval ThermoKlense should be used in the final rinse of the milking machine after the main chemical wash

Recommended application rates:

Cluster Disinfection:

30ml of Aval ThermoKlense per 10L of water.
(3ml per 1L of water)

Final rinse in milking machine:

50ml of Aval ThermoKlense per 50L of water.
(1ml per 1L of water) 
For usage rate information, please see file attached.