Paramelt Wax Range

Founded in 1898, Paramelt B.V. benefits from 120 years of experience and today is a global producer of wax blends, adhesives and specialty dispersions.

Operating from manufacturing sites in the Netherlands, UK, the US and China, Paramelt work together with Carbon Group to deliver solutions to our customers.

Carbon Group have successfully represented Paramelt since 2005 and currently supply a vast array of colours for both paraffin and vegetable-based waxes for cheese coatings.

Paramelt’s coloured waxes are known for their high pigment stability and are available in different variations of yellow, orange, black, white, blue, brown, red, purple and green. All colourants and pigments are food grade qualities. 

Paradip™ cheese waxes are blends of formulated linear and branched hydrocarbon waxes. Some of the formulations contain small amounts of polymers, pigments or dyes.