PIMALAC- (Natamycin)

50% Natamycin/Pimaricin- 50% Lactose

A microbial inhibitor with Natamycin being the active ingredient. It is the ideal solution to protect food from mould and yeast growth in dairy products and fermented meats.

Natamycin has the following characteristics:
  • Does not kill bacteria, and therefore will not affect the natural ripening process of cheese & fermented meats.
  • Colourless, odourless, tasteless
  • Does not impact on the sensory properties of the end product
  • Stable at a wide pH range (4-9) and highly effective at very low dosage rate
  • Easy-to-apply and tailored to your production process
  • Remains on the surface of the cheese and does not migrate into the interior of the product
  • Cheese wheels/blocks can be dipped or sprayed with Natamycin
  • It is also possible to add Natamycin to the brine tank

  • Packaging Material: Food grade HDPE
  • Kosher Dairy and halal certified.