LYSO-GUARD- (Lysozyme)

LYSO-GUARD (Lysozyme)

Lysozyme is a natural solution in hard and semi-hard cheeses with medium to long ripening times, where out-growth of bacterial spores may cause off-flavours and so-called late blowing. Using Lysozyme, a formulated product based on the natural active ingredient lysozyme (derived from egg white), will prevent these negative effects.

The most important natural source for lysozyme is chicken egg white. Lysozyme is highly effective against vegetative cells of Clostridium tyrobutyricum. Its working mechanism is based on cell growth impairment by partial or complete lysis of the cell wall membrane of the vegetative cell.

Reduces the risk of defects in cheese, allows for an optimum ripening temperature and assists further standardization of the end product, while contributing to enhancing consumer appeal of traditional quality cheese.


Prevention of late blowing and butyric rancidity Spores of Clostridium tyrobutyricum are naturally present in soil and grass. Silage in particular can contain high spore counts, which can end up in cow milk. Since these spores are resistant to high temperatures, they survive the normal milk pasteurization process.

When the spores germinate during cheese maturation, they form butyric acid and large quantities of gas. This gas formation results in cracks and large irregular eyes-formation, whereas the butyric acid causes an unacceptable taste and smell. Adding Lysozyme to the milk will stop bacterial growth, thus preventing late blowing as well as bad taste and smell.

  • Lysozyme is easy to use and is available both in liquid and granulate form.
  • As Lysozyme binds to the casein prior to clotting of the milk, application takes place directly into the cheese milk, before adding the rennet.
  • Lysozyme remains active in the curd throughout the ripening process and disrupts the vegetative cells once the spores start to germinate.
  • Lysozyme does not affect the performance characteristics of starter cultures or coagulants in use.