Mayalact Range

High-purity, lactose-reducing liquid enzyme used for the production of high-quality, lactose reduced milk and milk-based products.

Pack Size
5 kg, 20 kg, 30 kg, 1150 kg

Controlled elimination of lactose including more accurate measuring of lactose levels
Reduced risk of off-flavors due to exceptional purity
Stable level of sweetness during shelf life for sugared milk products
Possible to manufacture fermented milk products with less added sugar
No process change – lactase can be added together with cultures
Formulation flexibility: Opportunity to use starch-based stabilizers in your yogurt formulation
Can withstand higher temperatures and higher acid conditions than standard lactase enzymes.
No GOS formation
No Amylase, Invertase and Protease side effects

KOSHER & Halal certified

Lactose-Free/Lactose Reduced Milk
Mayalact 5000: 5000 NLU/g
Mayalact 2000: 2000 NLU/g

Femented Milk Products
Mayalact 5000 AC: 5000 NLU/g
Mayalact 2000 AC: 2000 NLU/g