The World of Yoghurt Cultures: The Secret to that Tangy, Creamy Goodness!

Sep 27, 2023

A photo of yoghurt in a bowl served with fruit.

Supplier in Focus [Sacco Cultures] – Read on to find out more about Sacco Cultures – available in the UK from Carbon Group:

The team at Sacco Cultures is passionate about the science behind your favourite probiotic-rich yoghurts. 🌿 Their cultures are at the heart of the dairy fermentation process, ensuring every spoonful is packed with goodness!

👉 Did you know that the secret to that tangy, creamy goodness lies in the precise blend of beneficial bacteria strains? 🦠 The expert team at Sacco has been perfecting this art for over a century!

🌍 Whether you’re a yoghurt lover or a dairy industry professional, trust Sacco Cultures for high-quality, reliable cultures that create the perfect yoghurt every time. 🥣

Join us in our mission to make the world a healthier, tastier place, one yoghurt at a time! 🌟

Connect with us to discover more about the innovative cultures that are available from Carbon Group.

Contact Carbon Group’s UK Business Development Manager (Food Ingredients/Chemicals): Jagadish B. Ammanabolu (Jags):

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