Introducing Jagadish B. Ammanabolu (Jags) – UK Business Development Manager

Feb 15, 2022

Photo of Jagadish B Ammanabolu, Business Development Manager (UK) at Carbon Group (Carbon Ingredients)

Carbon Group is pleased to introduce our new UK Business Development Manager (Food Ingredients/Chemicals): Jagadish B. Ammanabolu (Jags).

Jagadish (Jags) joins Carbon Group’s Carbon Ingredients division as our UK Business Development Manager. Jagadish’s area of focus as Business Development Manager is to develop the Food Ingredients and Chemicals division of Carbon Group in the UK. His role sees him supporting customers concentrated on dairy and poultry activities.

Jagadish’s product portfolio includes Starter Cultures for Dairy, Non Dairy, Fishery and Poultry Industry, Enzymes for Dairy and Brewing Sector and Chemicals for Dairy and Food Industries.     

As a Technical Manager, Jagadish has worked in the dairy industry for more than a decade, helping businesses to achieve compliance standards and GFSI certifications. He’s also been involved in compliance in relation to EU regulations and FDA guidelines. In addition, Jagadish has previously worked on projects where he has used his technical knowledge to build teams and support business growth.

Besides working as a Business Development Manager, Jagadish is also a keen runner and has participated in various running events across the UK.