Mar 5, 2021

Exclusive Agreement Will See Carbon Group Distribute Innovative Biotech Products in UK Market

Carbon Group is delighted to announce its new partnership with SACCO Srl, an international biotech centre for food, nutraceutical and pharmaceutical innovation. Carbon Group will now serve as the exclusive SACCO Srl distributor in the United Kingdom, providing a range of starter cultures and probiotics to serve both the food and agricultural industries.

Carbon Group have over fifty years’ experience in serving the food and agricultural industry in Ireland & the UK. With both industries ever evolving, Carbon understands how important it is to continue to keep expanding and innovating, to meet the demands of these advancing and exciting marketplaces.

Like Carbon Group, the team at SACCO Srl also pride themselves in being at the forefront of change in both the food and agricultural industry. They continue to provide their customers with new, innovative solutions that are proving to be vital in improving overall manufacturing practises, nutritional qualities and animal welfare. SACCO, which is a family run company with over eighty years’ experience is delighted to have the support of Carbon Group to represent its range within the UK. The core values of both companies align well with each other, adding to the reassurance of a certain successful and fruitful partnership. Both Carbon Group and SACCO excel in technical expertise, as well as flexibility and reliability.

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Brian Walsh, Managing Director of Carbon Group, remarking on the partnership stated:

“Everyone at Carbon Group is very excited about working with the team at SACCO Srl. Since our first meetings and site visits to the SACCO facility in Italy we have been really impressed with the people, their expertise, the facilities and the product ranges they offer. We look forward to bringing these products to the UK market.”

For the food Industry, Carbon Group will distribute starter cultures and probiotics for both the dairy and fermented meat sectors. In the dairy sector, the cultures cater for a wide variety of cheeses, yoghurts and fermented milks and are proven to develop high quality products that ensure a consistent and standardised production process. For meat, the cultures play a key role in the production process by inhibiting the indigenous flora and enhancing the required parameters for safe production. Carbon Group will also be distributing a line of cultures for the natural protection of smoked fish products to defend against the development of unwanted harmful microorganisms that can cause several health and safety concerns for consumers.

Carbon Group is also thrilled to be delivering the SACCO Agrovet range, a line of products that is guaranteed to create a pivotal change in the future of agriculture. Lactobacillus acidophilus D2/CSL, for poultry and laying hens, is effective in combating the problem of intestinal dysbiosis and the impressive results display increased yield and improved egg quality for producers. Lactosil 3.0 is a live culture that makes silage safer, more palatable and more nutritious, increasing the wellbeing of livestock, the profitability of the business and the hygiene levels of the final products.

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