Maxilact – Delivering Sugar Reduction of up to 50% in Dairy Products

May 25, 2019

Lactose-free dairy is now gaining popularity rapidly owed to its perceived health benefits.

As the healthy eating trend continues to grow, consumer awareness towards topics like digestive health and reduced sugar products have seen a large increase.

In response to this, DSM has launched Maxilact Smart, now the fastest lactase enzyme on the market. Offering a substantial increase in production efficiency and capacity, dairy producers now have access to a product which will help them meet the growing demand for lactose-free dairy products and reduced sugar dairy options.

Carbon Group has been successfully supplying DSM’s Maxilact Portfolio for many years and have recently enjoyed great success supplying Maxilact for the manufacture of reduced sugar dairy products.

A photo of dairy produce

How does Maxilact work?

Maxilact is a liquid lactase ((ß-galactosidase) preparation derived from the dairy yeast Kluyveromyces lactis. Maxilact breaks down the naturally occurring lactose into glucose and galactose releasing extra sweetness allowing for a sugar reduction ranging from 20-50%.

Maxilact – Advantages:

  1. Allows the production of lactose-free products across the full dairy portfolio.
  2. Allows for sugar reduction in dairy products of up to 30% when paired with natural sweeteners & 50% when used in conjunction with stevia.
  3. Delivers natural sweetness with a clean, fresh taste and no off-flavours
  4. Milder taste and better digestibility of fermented milks
  5. Prevents crystallization of lactose during downstream processing which often leads to the gritty, coarse texture of lactose-enriched dairy products
  6. Can be used to produce lactose free milk powder.

To find out more about DSM’s Maxilact Portfolio, contact John Lynch at / 087 7392471.