Pack-Age – ‘A breakthrough in Cheese Ripening’

May 1, 2019

cheddar ripening process
Top-Cheddar ripened in standard ripening bag / Bottom-Cheddar ripened in Pack-Age.

The most delightful cheeses are the ones that have been ripened to perfection. Hard and semi-hard cheesemakers who use mould and yeast prevention measures in their cheese production will be familiar with this labour-intensive struggle which often gives unsatisfactory results.

Introducing Pack-Age, the packaging solution enveloping cheese with a breathable membrane. Allowing the cheese to ripen naturally, developing flavour and texture without the risk of yeast and mould, is a game changing, innovative alternative to standard barrier films.

Pack-Age realises the required moisture permeability whilst maintaining a sufficient oxygen barrier, giving a simple solution to a challenging problem.


· Eliminates crust removal process

· Reduction in cheese lost

· Reduced labour

· Superior texture & flavour than cheese aged in standard barrier films

· No cutting loss

After months of waiting patiently, Carbon’s John Lynch was delighted to finally taste the first cheese ripened in Pack-Age in Ireland and the United Kingdom:

“This artisan cheddar producer wanted to prevent the proliferation of yeast and mould while also reducing the labour-intensive hours of applying plasticoat. Pack-Age did just that, and also significantly improved the texture and flavour complexity of the cheese. We are looking forward to the results of other cheesemakers trials and the difference this is going to make to their manufacturing process”.

For more information on the benefits of Pack-Age, or to request samples for trials, please contact John Lynch on 087 7392471 or email

Pack-Age diagram