Aug 22, 2018

>> Delvotest® Fast BL –  Antibiotic Residue Results in Just Seven Minutes! 

Carbon Group is excited to launch the new Delvotest® Fast BL, the latest addition to DSM’s new Fast Delvotest portfolio.

This test has been carefully designed with the farmer in mind to give rapid evaluation of milk tankers. In fact, it’s ideal for testing the bulk tank quickly before the tank arrives; the test gives farmers confidence that their milk is safe to enter the supply chain and also that they are not wasting good quality milk.

In just seven minutes, this easy-to-use strip uses lateral flow technology to detect residual β- lactam antibiotics in a variety of milk products.

Carbon Group’s John Lynch has been helping to introduce Delvotest® Fast BL to farmers and dairy laboratories across Ireland.

According to John, “Since its launch, the Delvotest® Fast BL has been quickly gaining popularity among dairy laboratories and farmers throughout the country – particularly, due to its accuracy and ease-of-use”.

“The test has been designed to complement the Delvotest SP NT three hour test, which is the ‘gold standard’ used by dairies throughout the world. It requires the same incubator as the three-hour test, and can give an accurate result after just seven minutes for the detection of β- lactam antibiotics.

The test can detect β- lactams antibiotics at a sensitivity level very close to the Delvotest SP NT three-hour test which allows farmers peace of mind that their milk is free of β- lactam antibiotics and safe to enter the supply chain”.

  • Accurate and reliable readings of antibiotic residues
  • Fast results that can be shared in real-time
  • Cost-effective
  • Easy-to-use

>> Availability / Getting Started….

Once the farmer or laboratory has a Delvotest Starter kit, the next step is to purchase the Delvotest Fast BL which are available in packs of 25 and 100 ampoules.

For more information about Carbon Group’s range of DSM products contact:  John Lynch

Phone: +353 21 437 8988 / +353 87 7392471