Welcome To The Team

Apr 20, 2018

Carbon Group extends a warm welcome to John Lynch who has recently joined the Carbon Group sales team.

John, who is a UCC Dairy Science graduate, is already getting involved in the promotion of some of our key products. Here, he’s pictured at a key industry event in Co. Dublin earlier this month where he responded to queries about Broxo water softening salt.

The sought-after Broxo® brand is produced by AkzoNobel; unique Broxo® pure salt products deliver outstanding results across all types of water softening systems, from large-scale industrial and municipal installations to domestic water softening.

For more information about the Broxo® salt range, please phone us on 021 4378 988

Learn More About Broxo:

  • Sourced from otherwise untouched subterranean salt beds
  • Refined to the highest purity levels of 99.7% sodium chloride
  • Compacted under extreme pressure for highest product density and best possible product performance
  • Fully resistant to caking
  • Tailor-made for every water-softening application, whether commercial or domestic