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Nov 29, 2017

A pharmaceutical client had endured years of cost intensive procedures in its efforts to regularly clean up seriously stained workshops.

It was time to call a halt and make a change: Carbon Group took the approach of firstly analysing the stainage in order to asses its chemistry and composition. A specific chemical solution was then created bespoke for the problem; eliminating guesswork and ensuring success before application. The results were indeed tremendous and the client workshop now looks as good as new.

Following this piece of work, Carbon Group was then appointed to assist at all the client’s pre audit clean ups and assessments. Part of this work involved the design of chemicals that can easily restore galvanised lagging and cladding, stainless benches and worktops, tiled floors. A fifteen-year old PVC sink, for example, was thereby restored to pristine condition. This particular Carbon Group client now has complete peace of mind in preparing all of its facilities for audits and inspections.

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